Last year, one of my friends started a blog to chronicle the changes in her life as she starts graduate school in a new state.  I’ve been meaning to do the same for quite some time, but have been severely lacking in motivation.  Since summer has just officially started, I’ve decided that this is as good of a time as any to start writing.

For all of my friends and relatives reading this, I am excited to share my thoughts with you.  For privacy reasons, I may be password protecting some of the entries posted to this site.  If any entries have been password protected, please contact me for the password.  I fully intend for friends and family to read everything posted here; I simply am not a fan of unnecessarily broadcasting personal information to people I do not know.

I’ll also be working with the format of this site as I go along.  For now, I plan on spending most of my time here focusing on my writing,  but I eventually plan on changing the format and color schemes so that this site looks a little less “thrown together”.  And if at any time something becomes hard to find or read, please notify me and I will do my best to make the necessary changes.

I suppose that’s all of the administrative information for now.  I am excited and looking forward to my first actual entry in the next few days.  Thanks for reading!


thoughts & questions

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