Flying Into Salt Lake City


I’ve been to Utah many times over the years, but until a business day-trip yesterday, I had never been to Salt Lake City. Consequently, I had never seen the Great Salt Lake or any of the land surrounding it. While I didn’t have time to actually visit the lake on my 7.5 hour visit, I was fortunate enough to get some great views on my flight in.

As I’ve mentioned before, I always try my best to get a window seat on all of my flights. I like to tell everyone I need the window seat so I can watch the scenery out the window, and while I do enjoy that, my obsession with the window seat was actually born out of fear. Specifically, I’m paranoid about bags dropping on my head from the overhead compartments should the plane crash or otherwise have a rough landing. The people with the 50 pound carry-on bags trying to shove the overstuffed behemoths in between a billion other equally large suitcases above my head? I don’t like them and they scare me. But I digress.

As my flight was descending into Salt Lake City, I started with a great view of the mountains to the east.


As the plane turned to orient itself for landing, I got my first glimpse of the Great Salt Lake. Specifically, we were flying right over Farmington Bay. The announcement to turn off all portable electronics had just been given, and the flight attendants were performing their final cabin check, so I had to take a covert picture with my phone.


The salt deposits were really pretty, giving the area an almost unearthly feel.


As I later found out, the land mass I was seeing in the distance was actually an island – Antelope Island, to be specific.


I was absolutely fascinated by the interesting way the water was interspersed with little land patches (sandbars?), as you can see from my repeated pictures of the area.


I didn’t end up getting to see any more of the Great Salt Lake during my little trip, but what I saw on my descent into the city has made me want to come back and explore more. I’m going to have to add Salt Lake City to my list of possible weekend trip destinations for the not-so-distant future!


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