An Albuquerque Sunrise, From the Air


Let’s be honest, I’ve been terrible about posting on here lately. Mostly, it’s because I’ve had a lot of obligations this past month: work travel, friends’ weddings, moving, starting my last class (FINALLY) for my masters degree… the list goes on. But really, all of these things are adventures in and of themselves that could be showcased. Therefore, the silence on this end can really only be attributed to my own laziness. Well no more! From now on, I’m going to start highlighting even the little adventures in life.

For instance, back at the end of August, I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for half a week of business travel. The days were pretty full and my flights were at odd times, so I didn’t get to explore much around Albuquerque. I did, though, get the opportunity to see a really pretty sunrise on my 6:00AM flight out. That’s exciting, right?


The Sandia Mountains make a beautiful backdrop for the city below, rising up like a some sort of giant dinosaur. Think Triceratops, not T-rex. Still can’t see it? Okay, maybe I just like dinosaurs.


My phone’s camera really didn’t do the sunrise colors justice. The whole sky looked like a pastel rainbow, with the light bouncing off all of those little desert dust particles stirred up by the early morning breeze.


I’ve seen prettier sunrises in Tucson, but this one really wasn’t too shabby. It also made for some neat views once we got up a little higher. I was able to see the moon in the distance, right by the tip of the airplane wing.


While I really despise Southwest‘s boarding and ticketing procedures, they are starting to win me over little by little. On this flight, they gave me peanuts and pretzels. AND, I had the whole row to myself. After my last experience with Frontier, when they didn’t even provide free drinks after delaying my flight, charged me an arm and a leg to change my ticket, and didn’t enforce their carry-on number/size policy (almost forcing me to check my tiny little backpack with nearly nothing in it), Southwest is looking pretty good right now.


Not everyone gets to see a New Mexico sunrise over the Sandias from the window of an airplane. In my personal opinion, it was worth getting up a little earlier for.


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