Office Flowers

Today I get to look at these in my office. They’re my little bit of outside on the inside 🙂




A place where one lives; a residence.

Of or relating to the place where one lives: “your home address”.

To the place where one lives: “what time did he get home last night?”.

(of an animal) Return by instinct to its territory after leaving it: “geese homing to their summer nesting grounds”.


In my life, the word “home” has come to mean many things.  It is the address I use for all legal documents, mail, and Christmas cards from out-of-town relatives.  It is the locked structure where I store clothes and equipment not used in my current adventures.  It is where I take care of my pets, and where we play together.  It is where I can be with the people I love.  It is where I relax, unwind, and feel safe.  For all of these reasons, home is the place I return to – almost by sheer instinct – after leaving it.  But what is worth leaving this home for?

Life is best lived by experiencing and exploring.  This could mean travelling half way around the world to a new country, trying a new recipe for the first time, or simply watching birds from a front porch – there is no shortage of new things to experience, notice, and learn from in the world.  These experiences shape the person you are.  They shape the person who returns home.


Last year, one of my friends started a blog to chronicle the changes in her life as she starts graduate school in a new state.  I’ve been meaning to do the same for quite some time, but have been severely lacking in motivation.  Since summer has just officially started, I’ve decided that this is as good of a time as any to start writing. Continue reading