Winter in Nederland

Some days up here can be really beautiful, but others can be downright ugly.

What you can’t tell from the pictures above is just how windy it is. It is ALWAYS windy. It’s quite impressive that the large trees lining the street have grown to be so wind-resistant. They hardly even move in the wind.


Heil Valley Ranch – Picture Rock Trail


If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast in Boulder County, you have probably heard of Heil Valley Ranch open space.  Similar to well-known Hall Ranch, Heil Valley Ranch sports a number of mountain biking trails winding through the rolling grasslands, hanging valleys, and sandstone buttes of the foothills surrounding Lyons, Colorado.  In 2008, the Picture Rock Trail opened, connecting the existing Heil Valley Ranch trails to the Hall Ranch trail system.  This trail, designed and built by volunteers, starts at a very pretty parking lot right in Lyons.
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South Platte Park


My first visit to the Carson Nature Center and surrounding South Platte Park was with my mother and siblings when we were all still small enough to be carried off by the bald eagles who fish here (not really, but you get the point).  Over the years, we’ve been to the park many times walking, biking, and wading in the river on 5th grade class field trips.  In short, it’s no surprise to anyone that we ended up here after Easter dinner at my parents’ house.

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