An Albuquerque Sunrise, From the Air


Let’s be honest, I’ve been terrible about posting on here lately. Mostly, it’s because I’ve had a lot of obligations this past month: work travel, friends’ weddings, moving, starting my last class (FINALLY) for my masters degree… the list goes on. But really, all of these things are adventures in and of themselves that could be showcased. Therefore, the silence on this end can really only be attributed to my own laziness. Well no more! From now on, I’m going to start highlighting even the little adventures in life. Continue reading


Flying Into Salt Lake City


I’ve been to Utah many times over the years, but until a business day-trip yesterday, I had never been to Salt Lake City. Consequently, I had never seen the Great Salt Lake or any of the land surrounding it. While I didn’t have time to actually visit the lake on my 7.5 hour visit, I was fortunate enough to get some great views on my flight in.
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